Adam Fleming

Adam is a local music obsessed Presenter From kendal, he spends any of his spare time writing poetry and lyrics whilst attempting to produce his own music whenever he has a moment free.

He lives with his partner and son (not forgetting his three guinea pigs of course!)

Adam has been looking for his way into the music scene for a while and wanting to express his love for it as publicly possible and where better to start than local radio made for everyone and anyone! So when the opportunity to present at Lake District radio came along it was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

So, now you have the best possible way to wake up and start your afternoon with a wonderful blend of genres from every decade (His taste holds no limits!). Although a big lover of alternative rock and punk music he’s looking forward to giving you a mash up of everything.

Now being one of lake district radio’s youngest presenter at 24 years old, he’s willing to give the listeners some youthfully but also classic hits and pit them against each other in all epic battle…

So take a (metaphorical) seat and ENJOY…


Adam’s Music Wars

Thursday 12pm-2pm


Posted on

22 Oct 2021